Presenting: Dart DLC and Frost Dev Kit (FDK)

Area Layer
Nov 22, 2023

After a long period of development, we are happy to announce, Dart DLC and FDK, promoting more FOSS motifs for Bitcoin, DLCs and Lightning Network.

Dart DLC is the result of our ongoing quest to bring new implementations to Discreet Log Contracts, bringing new developers onto Bitcoin.


Continuing our announcement, FDK (Frost Dev Kit), is an arm of our company, focused mainly on Frost, which allows multisig signatures and much more.


We invite users, developers, entrepreneurs to contribute and grow with us.

Disclaimer: Both projects are in beta and WIP.

About Area Layer

Area Layer is a startup with a focus on building products and services on Bitcoin and Lightning Network localized in Delaware, Catawba and El Salvador

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